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Clint Crossno

CEO / Owner

Crossno Corp


Crossno Corp Timeline

  • 2005 Started with FedEx Ground as a jumper

  • 2006 Represented SP as a FedEx Ground driver

  • 2007 Started Crossno Corp, bought and operated

  • 2011: Acquired eight more routes

  • 2014: Expanded into Fayetteville

  • 2016: Expanded into Little Rock and Central AR

  • 2017: Expanded into Springfield, MO

  • 2018-21: Contingency team (Started with 10, Hired up to 85 employees); twelve states

  • 2019: Stood up three additional contracts- MO, OK, TX

  • 2018-20: Diversified- expanding into Linehaul in 9 terminals

  • 2021-22: 5 terminals in P&D and 9 terminals in Linehaul

  • 2023-24: Currently maintaining 4 terminals in P&D and 5 terminals in Linehaul



Over nineteen years, Clint Crossno has built one of the most successful businesses under the FedEx brand. Focusing on safety, team building, logistical efficiency, and business ethics, his leadership has earned this once small business its widespread reputation for excellence.

Clint knows FedEx from the ground up. Starting as a jumper in 2005 and graduating to driver within a year, he learned the P&D business early and found himself fiercely inspired to build his own company on a model of efficiency and growth. In 2007, he became an independent service provider, buying his first route in Fort Smith, Arkansas. His broad vision and talent for logistics paid off: within ten years he owned routes in five terminals across Arkansas and Missouri and was regularly called upon to help stabilize routes through acquisition or contingency. By 2018, with a growing reputation for safety, near-perfect service, and reliability, he had further expanded to Oklahoma and Texas, managed contingency teams in twelve different states, and acquired Linehaul routes in nine terminals. With an unwavering dedication to its values, and still maintaining the highest levels of safety and service, Crossno Corp currently employs over 200 people across four states and ten terminals, providing more than 700 dispatches a week.

Crossno Corp has become synonymous with safe and efficient service, and Clint brings these values to each new opportunity. His leadership, team building skills, and dedication to excellence are the keys to his continued success. Moreover, his passion for the work drives him to give countless hours in the support of his fellow contractors, listening, brainstorming, and problem-solving to help make everyone’s experience better.

Crossno, 43, resides in Greenwood, AR, with his fiancé and his two children. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

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