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Crossno Parcel Service

Fort Smith, AR

Crossno Parcel Service, Inc. is the first of the Crossno Corp companies. Clint started in Fort Smith in 2007 with just one route. Over the last 15 years it has grown tremendously and some of the area serviced has changed over time. Currently our service area includes most of Fort Smith and all of Van Buren, Alma, Rudy, Cedarville, Kibler, and Uniontown.



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Our leads combined have 6 years of service for FedEx. All of those years being with Crossno.

  • Matt started on our contingency team in McAlester, OK. Being from Texas, he became our lead in Frisco and Plano. When we sold our routes in Texas, Matt decided to stay with us and move to our corporate office location in Fort Smith. Matt has been working closely with Clint over the years as well as with Ethan and DRO. 

  • Brannon started as a driver for us here in Fort Smith. With his leadership skills and strong determination he learned the Crossno way and moved up to the position of lead after a year as a driver. Brannon has been working closely with Clint learning his techniques and logistical ways. 

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