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Crossno Carrier Service

Lowell, AR

Crossno Carrier Service, Inc. began in January of 2014, being the second entity in the Crossno Corp companies. Over the years the service area has changed and the amount of routes has doubled and fluctuated. We currently service Farmington, Fayetteville 01 zip code, and Fayetteville 03 zip code. 

Meet the Lead:

Our leads have 15 years of service each for FedEx. The last 5 of those years being with Crossno.

Dan and Jenny were the owners and operators of DPan, a contractor for FedEx Ground. In 2017, Clint purchased DPan's routes and hired Dan and Jenny to be the leads of our expanded Crossno Carrier.

  • Jenny has years of management experience and knowledge. Problem-Solving and communication is Jenny's strong suit. A mother of 4, she has a natural "momma bear" attitude with all her drivers.

  • Dan has years of logistical experience as well as Contractor experience. Dan is not afraid to get in the trenches with anyone. He spends his mornings going through each truck and its load ensuring the trucks are working appropriately and the loads are set up for a successful day.

Both Dan and Jenny are also apart of our Safety team. They handle accidents as well as monitor the Truck Cameras ensuring all drivers are following the safety procedures in place.

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