Crossno Carrier Serivce INC.

Crossno Carrier Service, Inc., or CCS, operates as a Sub S Corporation, in the State of Arkansas. The sole owner & operator of CCS is Mr. Clint Crossno, who also owns & controls 100% of the stock of CCS.
CCS & Mr. Crossno has been a sub-contractor for FedEx for nearly 10 years. The company is located at 2610 Industrial Park Rd. CCS domiciled out of Fayetteville Arkansas.
Awards: Entrepreneur of the year, 2008, 2010, and 2011; Humanitarian Award-Driver, Annie Brown, 2011; National Truck Driver of the Year, FedEx-Arkansas, Paul Roe, 2010-2011, Runner up Ethan Scott 2015-2016.
CCS enforces and exceeds the Purple Promise by demonstrating extraordinary customer service and efficiency while stressing and ensuring safety on the road to all drivers. CCS understands that the most powerful type advertisement is by word of mouth and all CCS employees are taught to always go that extra step for the customer to add value to not only FedEx’s name but CCS as well. Safety & integrity of the FedEx name continues to be utilized and maintained at the utmost important levels. Dignity and respect of FedEx Corporate will be illustrated from the owner on a weekly basis.  The company will strive for success of meeting 99.9% of every delivery in a timely manner year after year with hard work and dedication for FedEx. There are not any “no’s” or “we can’t do that” in the vocabulary of CCS. CCS will piggy back CPS to maintain the management to be one of the industry’s best in retaining and rewarding drivers year after year. The company is passionate about their customers by being HELPFUL, COURTEOUS, KIND, & TRUTHFUL with each load and delivery as CCS will continue CPS’s ways of being the top contractor in the Greater Fort Smith Region and Northwest Arkansas region. CCS will follow CPS’s success and will expand as fedex grows into more terminals as the opportunity arises.
The company takes pride in safety and the appearance of each and every FedEx truck it owns. The company has installed an internal Safety Plan for the recognition of safety amongst all drivers. In 2010-2011, CCS entered the NTDC, and one of their own drivers, Paul Roe, placed first in State competition, and went on to compete in Nationals in Orlando, FL. Also in 2015-2016 Ethan Scott was the runner up in the NTDC.

Route Manager/Driver
Crossno Parcel Service C/O Fedex Ground – Lowell, AR
Now hiring for a FedEx Home Delivery driver position. It is a Tuesday through Saturday job from 7am to roughly 5pm. Some days are earlier and some are later. Applicant must have:
1.) At least one year driving experience in a commercial vehicle within the last three years. Will be verified. THIS IS A MINNIUM REQUIREMENT, APPLICANTS WITHOUT THIS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED!!!
2.)Must pass BACKGROUND CHECK, DRUG TEST, and have a clean MVR. 3.) Good work ethic and drive to succeed.
4.) Must be able to work in any condition
5.) CDL is not required.

Job offers:
1.) Competitive pay with built in raises.
2.) One week paid vacation after one year with the company.
3.) Great company to work for with Sunday and Monday's off
4.) Training pay of $500 per week

Please E-mail me your resume.