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Fort Smith, AR

Where it all began. In 2018 we bought our first linehaul routes. Over the last 6 years Linehaul has grown drastically and changed multiple times. Currently all of our linehaul runs in Fort Smith, AR are night runs. We go from the Fort Smith terminal to Brinkley and Olive Branch.


Meet the lead:

Allen Parker has been with Crossno since 2018, when we bought our first linehaul runs. Although Allen has only been with us for 6 years he comes with some amazing experience. Being that he has been a CDL holder since 1971, he has drove and seen almost everywhere in the US. And boy what a story he has. Allen started with RPS in September 1995. He was grandfathered into FedEx when they bought out RPS in 2000. Allen worked for Jack, a FedEx contractor, until he sold his operation. Allen went with the operation to Mary working with her until she sold her operation to Crossno in 2018. So technically he has been with the same operation since the start of FedEx. Allen has 4 million+ accident free miles and is a long time volunteer and participant of the Arkansas Truck Driving Competition. These are just some of the accomplishments under Allen's belt. Although he doesn't drive as much as he used to he is still a very valuable part of the Crossno Linehaul Operation. He makes sure the trucks are kept up to DOT regulation, he helps process applicants, and he is very active in the nightly operation with the drivers. If you have any questions about Linehaul, Allen is the guy to ask.

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